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img_4780Here is my most recent flip. I just love how this turned out. It was pretty beat up so it needed a lot of TLC. I used Annie Sloan Old Ochre chalk paint and dark wax with a fair amount of distressing. The table top is a 50/50 mix of Honfleur and Graphite, again, with a dark wax finish.

My First Blog Post

FINALLY… my first blog post!  I’ve been talking about this for well over a year and started building my website about 3 months ago.  And here I am, finally, completing my very first blog post.

All I can say is life got busy.  Then again, when hasn’t it been busy?  Working full time, being a mom to 2 active teenagers, a wife, starting my small side business, Simply Intricate, (which happened on accident) and trying to stay somewhat in shape by getting to the gym once in a while has filled up my time, 24/7.  Hence, why the above family photo is over 2 years old.  Maybe next Fall we will get that updated.

I’m still trying to figure this website thing out and finding that this is not my forte.  I’ve been able to figure out just enough to get by, so please bear with me.

After training and completing my first Ironman triathlon this past September, I started getting busy with some To Do’s, consisting of refinishing our dining room set because it had a water ring stain on it that drove me crazy.  After finishing it and posting some photos, there were several people interested in purchasing it and asking me to refinish pieces of their own.  That’s how the furniture refinishing started.

After that, I wanted to fix up an old window and turn it into something gorgeous and hang a wreath from it.  Same story… I posted photos and there was some interest so I decided to start making and selling them.  Never did I plan for this to turn into what it has become today.

Next, there are this super heavy, chunky, hand crocheted blankets.  I wanted one for my living room and received requests from others to make them one.  Making these is what I call my wind down time.  It forces me to sit, which I don’t typically do very well.

I am blessed with my family that supports me in these ventures and the talents that God has given me.  Who knows what might be next on the list.  Until then, I’ll keep busy with what’s on my plate now and enjoy every moment.

Until next time, God Bless!

Jamie Love